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B-G Embossed Aluminium Heat Shield

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B-G Embossed Aluminium Heat Shield

The B-G Embossed Aluminium Heat Shield is an ideal choice of underbody, engine bay or firewall heat management material due to its highly reflective, low emissive, and highly corrosion resistant nature. 

The aluminium sheet is easy to trim, fold and form and keeps its shape thanks to the embossed surface providing rigidity in all directions, despite its 0.2mm overall thickness, and it is perfect for a range of applications including engine bays, gearbox tunnels, firewalls, bulkheads, turbos, exhaust manifolds and more.

This is also used in a wide range of industrial applications for heating systems, machinery and much more!

The heat barrier shield is effective against radiant heat of up to 1090°C (2000°F) and direct contact of up to 590°C (1100°F), and is most effective when a small gap is left between the heat shield and vehicle body to create a void for the air to cool. 

Available in sheet sizes of 300mm x 500mm (11.75” x 19.5”) or 500mm x 500mm (19.5” x 19.5”).

Have a custom sizing requirement? Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss further. 

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